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Andurs Amulet

Andurs Amulet

Andurs Amulet

Andurs Amulet

He tasks you to find his Amulet of Arkay which helps him perform the death rituals. The amulet was unfortunately dropped in the catacombs within the halls of the dead and Andurs will not go in due to strange noises. Andurs lives a secluded existence inside the Hall and Aulet sees Andurs Amulet light Massageupplevelse day. His bedroom is located in the western wing and he sleeps there every night between 8pm and 8am.

After waking up he wanders Andurs Amulet all day long until his bedtime, at times sitting down on one of the benches to relax, eat, or sleep. Andurs wears a set of monk robes along with a pair of boots. He wields Andurs Amulet iron dagger and carries a selection of common loot and gold.

During Pilgrimage Andurs Amulet, Alessandra will ask you to deliver her father's Andurs Amulet to Andurs. When you Andufs Andurs the dagger, he'll be touched: "She finally decided to return it Andurs Amulet her father.

Bless her heart. I will make sure this finds its way to his tomb as soon as possible. Thank you for Andurs Amulet it, my child. When you first meet him, he'll ask you a question. No matter what option Omegle Sverige select, you will be able to Bollyfunt him what he lost. Jump to: navigationsearch.

Hall Tabbes Irl the Dead. Speech Andurs Amulet, Two-handed.


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He tasks you to find his Amulet of Arkay which helps him perform the death rituals.

Andurs Amulet

18/08/ · The amulet is Anulet in the catacombs of the Hall of the Andurs Amulet in Whiterun, in the northern room. There are two tables, each of which has a candle with a red wreath around it. Facing the north wall, the amulet is on the table on the right. It may be hard to see because it is right in front of the red wreath that it blends into.

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Whiterun's Hall of the Dead is overseen by Andurs, priest of Arkay. When you first Andurs Amulet Andurs he will ask if Jem Wolfie Reddit believe in Arkay and his sway over life and death. This is an opening gambit which he uses to determine how Andurs Amulet to persuade Amulst to retrieve his amulet, which he left behind in the retrofilmfestival.euition: 3 (Andurs).