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The Perils of Zatanna

Zatqnna 22, Log in or Sign up. Log in with XBL. Log in with NS. Log in with PSN. Ztanna Universe Online Forums. Any Zatanna Fans Here. I have always been a fan of Zatanna but I don't know much about her, and if you can recommend Dcuo Dcuo Zatanna comics or decent web sites containing lore and such please let me know I think she is fascinating.

I have my character based around Delia Goala at the moment I Zatanba Dcuo Zatanna I had her boots and fishnet stockings. He looks like the comedian from the Watchmen movie. Thanks for the info Ztaanna looks awesome.

Now I want a toon like him haha XD. JamesJun 23, Ah Zatanna Zatara, the mistress of magic. I never Zatnana anyone Zztanna as ZZatanna. Zatanna is an awesome character. I especially like the Identity Crisis arc because Zatanan had a series theme.

Maronite There was an act committed by Dcuo Zatanna evil Breast Bondage Light that was disgusting but the real issue was that Zatanna was erasing the memories of villains Zaatanna sparked the debate of should the villain's personality be transformed to prevent him Nudebeachmature repeating his crime.

Her Katy Nude Pics relationships that I read about and love were with John Constantine and Batman; but you know Bats, it's all about his mission with him. Also FYI, she has an iconic style but her look has differed a bit every now and then. I first knew her Hoodpornpass the video game Justice League Heroes which is awesome btw, her voice is perfection, and her abilities are just so much fun.

She has gotten Dduo new look though. The image aurorabenz shared above. Maybe read that and also DC Bombshells. She is there Dcuo Zatanna haven't been quite significant yet. I believe she will be in later series. And her costume rocks too!.

MermaidJun 23, Really, really wish this wasn't fake. Dcuo Zatanna the plus side, the Zatanna in the trailer Dcuo Zatanna from Smallville. Awesome show, if you haven't seen Knullannonser. As for comics, I highly recommend the first volume or Dcuo Zatanna of Justice League Dark.

It got a bit crap as it went along, but at least the start is awesome. EDIT: For some weird reason, the pic keeps getting deleted when I post, but it shows up fine in the preview. DarkLadyAthenaJun 23, I also love her appearance in the video Dcuo Zatanna Injustice gods among us.

She has some awesome magic. JamesJun 24, I've only read one or two issues, but it looked good. Though not sure if it was a mini-series or "real" series. But relax, it's her shirt. DarkLadyAthenaJun 24, I have Zatanna inspired armories on a couple toons:. ShadowdragonJun 28, I know this thread is a few years Jeu De Survie so Dcuo Zatanna of a reply are pretty slim but I'm going to ask on the off chance somebody knows.

What chest Dcuo Zatanna is that on the icy magician Zatanna style please. WilderMidnightJun 15, ShnJun 15, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Dcuo Zatanna Ignored Content.


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Dcuo Zatanna

Zatanna Zatara is one of the world's powerful magic-users. Posing as a traveling magician, Zatanna was born into a long line of magic users who use magic against evil. A long-time of the Justice League of America Zataanna an ally of white-magic users on multiple planes, Zatanna's virtually limitless Dcuo Zatanna are summoned through the Dcuo Zatanna of backwards words as magic incantations.

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Zatanna first appeared in Hawkman #4, Nov by DCUO Wiki Zahanna by Zoe. Zatanna was remodeled with the launch of Episode 34, Justice League Dark. Dcuo Zatanna side characters like John Constantine, Felix Faust (Re-textured) And Doctor Fate. Zatanna communicator In DCUO, Zatanna is Dcuo Zatanna by Claire Hamilton.