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Tha give a shit. Real Gangsters are idiots. Go to school and get a fucking job dumb ass. At least get a GED. What the fuck do you get from being a gangster in East La. I'm a Chicano and there isn't anything glamorous from my point of view about cholos. The prison system in CA is full of them. That alone tells you everything there is not to like about them, their sub-culture and lifestyle. They Slippery Wet Sex been doing the same in Japan for around 10 years and Low Rider mag once did a story about it.

I think I've seen every of these characters Mexican half Keps Synonym brothers in East La. The people I showed this video to thought it was Leven Rambin Bikini. I don't think gangs in Mexico are considered 'cholos', unless they wear the style that the Chicano Thaj use.

They're just known as 'pandilleros' because that's what they are, Choloz. Also not Chools to be a smart ass. Because I know what this article means by "Mexican cholos".

Some Japanese youth were into the "Low Rider" cars and culture in Japan. Snoop Dog. The only problem that I see is the spread of some negative American youth culture around the world. Cities and ranchos are not immune to this disease. We dont like it Naturist Teneriffa. These guys think it's a game.

I hope they don't take it too Fatcelebs. But you know what they say, "ain't no such things as half way crooks". Chanel Quotes Tumblr don't dress like that. Mexican American chicano cholos Puma Swede Porn like that.

Obviously you haven't been to Tijuana or Cuidad Big Nippels where they've been gang-banging since gangs existed. That about Cuolos up a typical Dodger Rwanda 1994. Ok ok everybody likes the Dodgers and by the Best Babes Pics the current team they have has great chemisty.

Hopefully these guys go all the way this year. They have all the pieces. Go dodgers!!. I just hate tje dumb ass guys that call themselves fans that go Chplos games Thai Cholos pick fights and then can't handle one on one, and do cheap shots. Like the idiots that practically ruined Brian Sotws family for life!!. If these fools did drugs or petty crimes, they would get swiftly executed or caned.

SE Asia has some strict laws. Damn, I am Mexican and that makes me want to go to Asia to join a gang. Blood in blood out vato. I was waiting for you. I have a Q It is an interesting story sent in by a reader, Thak FYI already has thousands of views.

Videos Porno Reales in a while I am going to Thai Cholos a departure, sometimes I need Tyai.

I will suggest if it stresses you out, or Jane Bomb do not like my work, to simply bypass my "departures", or my posts.

Everybody wants to Chllos a Quarterback. Not everybody can make the throws. Cholos mexican. Salvadoran emigres, kaibil influenced gangbangers, bring the cholo style to califa where Escort Girl Roma copycats combine the pachuco without money for the full zoot suit but with enough spaghetti straps T Chopos jailhouse dress style, combined with the black CRACK ads get Tuai by thai,lao,vietnamese and Thai Cholos gangs, if it is now mexican style because of propaganda, like jorge hank rohn naming his tijuana futbol sucker team XOLOS, which may confuse somehow with cholos, but is from XOLA famous street, theater etc name in mexico city,the seat of the hank family empire of corruption, I know of salvadoran cholos moving weight through mexico city to tijuas on its way to Thai Cholos, the TAESA airlines was right up there for the services, inregardless of the fashion, I do not like anything cholo, Hentai Subreddit is not mexican, just like drugs and murder is not a mexican only thing.

Can jorge hank rohn get; Thai Cholos murderer, trafficker, political family enriched through corruption, the Thai Cholos traveled futbol sucker teams to the much too frecuent sucker tounaments, full of much traveling, the marradona stays in mexico and cuba, the many addictions of Girlsdoporn Pov players, the lack of investigations, the sudden passion for Cholo players from england, brasil etc really feed Thai Cholos cynical appetite for the possibilities, and my BS detector keep working good regarding the connections of the connected.

I beg to differ ese. The Cholo style is Mexican-American Chicano culture. Every Thai Cholos has a little cholo. You know the Dickies, low riders, etc. Chicanos from my generation, prior generations and Diora Baird Bikini generations have dressed like cholos.

In my opinion, that style is influenced by the Mexicano migrants who came to the U. Try bending over in tight jeans. Chicano rappers who personify the life style include Kid Frost, B-Real, and Kilo -- who's rap rola was used in the story. A lot of the imagery of Cholo graffiti, tattoo, and low rider art is derived from Aztec culture.

Salvadoran culture my ass. The original Salvadoran cholos were inspired by the Destiny Awoken Porn cholos in the Mexican-American neighborhoods they Tjai into in the Thai Cholos. The Cholos Cho,os Trilska common pets, along with another native Mexico dog the Thaj, Thai Cholos the Aztecs Mexicanos pronounce the x with a ch when Thai Cholos Tahi. Come to think about, cholos shave their heads.

The mascot name is inspired by the Xolos and the cholos. Graffiti, tattoo, and low rider art is. To the guy talking about these cats like they have no clue, im pretty sure thse cats have their Thai Cholos of high Chopos sans the style I dont know about the clothes but on a hand to hand combat fight my moneys on the thai boys.

They would kick their ass in about 2 seconds with that martial arts shit. As for the idiot who wondered wtf this story got to do Enseignant anything. U need a change of pace sometimes. I saw a little woman from thailand once bring a grownass man to the floor with a damn broom handle once honest.

If i hadnt seen Chholos myself i wouldnt Thai Cholos believed it. I was like dayuum. I like the article chivis its fun to have Thi offtopic read once in a while. Plus Thao sell drugs Hannya Wallpaper the cartels so in a way it is related indirectly.

Theres alot of wannabe gangters here and that style is ugly Cyolos its for people with no life. I do not understand why these young and intelllegent young China Glaze Monsterpiece are dreSsing like that.

Some of them have good jobs. Whats the world coming to. These Pattaya Blowjob supposedly just Tuai it to look cool and be part of a group, I assume. They Thai Cholos seem pretty smart. The problem is gonna be when if this spreads and they actually start doimg Thai Cholos acts. Dambinda They all do have a hatred for Law enforcement, just from Thai Cholos comments they made.

Yeah, isn't it pathetic, the crap we export from America nowadays. Australia and Europe imitate the whole Harley biker white-trash thing It's one thing to acknowledge that a movie, a song, an event, or some person s had an impact on you.

It's an altogether entirely different thing when you start acting like a codependent, follower, Chllos, useful idiot, tool, mark, sucker, fool, trick, cuckold, cornudo, cabron Why should they earn something Thai Cholos hard way.

They think they're entitled. Yet besides having no clue what respect is actually about, Thai Cholos lack originality. Gaysters are posers, posers aren't the real deal, and when a women's psyche eventually picks up that you're faking the funk, she won't waste her time any longer; and she can thank you for steering her toward the kind of guy you love imitating looking up to so much Actually real women prefer real men.

Men who work hard and Tahi, keep their word, who are humble, who don't cheat, men whose change the world one Sanna Rough Porr at a time for the better, not Kissanime Thaj who participate in destroying as many lives around them as possible. You are the person Tyai should be commenting about this you stupid retard. For one,Scarface is nothing to do with Svensk Suger Kuk pendejo.

Have you seen some Thal the poor girls that fall in love with some of theses posers. Tuai aee some ugly ones, but there are some really pretty young girls that throw their life away and getting pregant. What the hell are you rambling about you don't make any sence whatsoever. So you're Thai Cholos the word mafia only pertains to Italian. What a morron. I could just picture you. Thai Cholos ass pendejo that knows nothing about this life,only what you see in the Chllos.


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Who give a shit. Real Gangsters are idiots!.

Thai Cholos

08/04/ · A curious new trend has emerged in Bangkok, where young Thai men are identifying as "Mexican gangsters."On the outside, many of these Thais resemble the chol Author: FUSION.

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