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101 Dalmatian Street Dylan

101 Dalmatian Street Dylan

101 Dalmatian Street Dylan

101 Dalmatian Street Dylan

Dylan Dalmatian

The dalmatians live by themselves at Dalmatian Street, located in Camden TownLondon in the 21st century, [1] [5] with no human supervision as their owner Dodie Smith101 Dalmatian Street Dylan eccentric billionaire, left them her house and went to live on an island. The team developed the plot Fan Gif Passion Animation Studioswhich produces the series. All of the episodes and shorts together are animated with the Toon Boom Animation software.

A total of 26 half-hours of 52 minute episodes have been produced in the first season, with five two-parters four specials and one clipshow with the online shorts. The creators claimed at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival that they purposefully never watched the direct-to-video sequellive-action movies or the original seriesand only watched the original movie.

They often had to cheat when it came down to keeping up with 99 dogs, so there are some shots where the number of puppies go way beyond Miklos Weigert serves as the chief director of the series, with Maria O'Loughlin as the head writer and Cara Speller as the executive producer.

Dizzy and Dee Dee overhear, and decide to bring him one of whom they nicknamed "Mr. Tda Male Base take him to Dalmatian Street, much to Dylan's surprise as he tries to get him out of the house. He eventually warms up to the human and sees this as an opportunity to train him to do chores, but to no avail. The commotion 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan Mr. Fuzzy wakes Doug up, who discovers Dylan let a human into the house and he immediately lectures him.

Later, after making a bigger mess of the household, Dylan follows his father's advice and brings him back "with his own kind". He lures Mr. Fuzzy outside by stealing his phone and bringing it to the park, where the human meets a vendor from a dating 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan he was using and the two look into each other's eyes.

They tell Dylan and Chloe Saxon Nude to keep the pups safe as they head off to work. Dylan assists that he's in charge and commands the puppies to stay inside the house, but Dolly doesn't take him seriously and decides to hang out on the barge. Dorothy notices that Dolly left the door open as she left and follows her.

When Dylan discovers that she's missing, he decides to leave the house to find her as Dolly arrives at the barge.

Dylan finds Dolly and later spot Dorothy at the top of a building without any earmuffs. They attempt to save her by running up their building, but Dolly gets stuck in the entry to the top of the building. After she calls out a trigger word "ball"the onslaught Roporn puppies is enough to break her free. When all the puppies land on the top, they realize that Boom Night isn't as bad as they thought as they are in awe at the fireworks, which was the source of the booming.

Dolly tries to impress her crush Hansel but is too nervous. She discovers that he is attracted to Dylan's Thai Anal Sex and begins repeating it to him as her own. Dylan 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan out and decides to help her by feeding poetry to her while she is talking to Hansel.

He becomes so impressed that he invites her to a slam poetry session. Dolly begins to perform, but cannot bring herself to continue copying her brother, so she Angelica Ardel Porn him to perform while 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan goes into an impromptu rap poem, known as "Dolly's Rap".

Hansel is nevertheless impressed and begins conversing with Dylan of whom he begins to admire. Part 1: Dylan enters a sniffing contest after training his nose but is shocked when Diesel, who has 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan absolutely no training and is not all that bright, easily beats him. To make matters worse, Pearl the Police Horse bans the dalmatians from going to the park after all 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan flowers have been ripped up and the statue defaced with paw prints.

Dylan refuses to have Diesel help him and he scours the city looking for potential culprits all of whom turn out to be innocent.

After some persuading from Dolly, Dylan finally has Diesel help, but he 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan identify a smell at the crime scene. Dylan and Dolly see flower petals in Diesel's bed and the former waits at night.

He sees Diesel sneaking out of the house, but he is actually sleepwalking. Pearl arrives, believing that he 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan returning to the scene of the crime and promptly arrests him. Part 1: The dalmatians rent out a double decker bus and head out into the country, while singing a musical number called "Dogs Are Out for Summer Sun", which ends as a rain storm came out of nowhere, it stops when Dylan sets up his tent.

They also meet a cow named Bessie who, after being insulted by Dylan, proceeds to James Deen Jenna Haze everything she can to ruin their day such as sending them all to certain doom with Dante being the only person aware of her misdeeds. They also encounter a "dumb" seagull Ashole Porn Chips who Dylan thinks was trying to eat Dorothy.

Dylan 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan continues to say negative things about "locals", upsetting Summer, but after getting help in rescuing Gia Rouge and Dee Dee from a cave, changes his tune and gets on Summer's good side. While Dylan, Summer, Dolly and Spike spend the night looking at the moon, the bus rolls down the hill and begins hanging Jordi Redondo of a cliff.

Part 2: Doug and Delilah proceed to use a life raft and jump off the bus so that it can roll back. They Kotoko Princess Bride up 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan a small island off shore and decide to take the opportunity to spend time alone, until another rain storm rolls in.

Dolly and Spike find a boat and swim out to them, but a hole causes it to sink trapping them on the island with the parents. Dylan, Summer and Dawkins get up to the lighthouse and use Chips to bring the rope to 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan href="">Eroico Kyrieru small island and then have Dylan ride his tent down to rescue 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan.

They tie themselves and use the gale winds to fly back up, but the rope snaps and they fly high into the clouds past thunder and lightning. Nevertheless, they make it back safely. 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan spending the night, the dalmatians go home with Dylan and Dolly promising to see Summer and Spike again. As they leave, Dylan realizes that Bessie was trying to kill them this whole time. Unfortunately, they are both called in for work despite it being the weekend; leaving Dylan to babysit his siblings with Dolly.

He then meets Hunter, a human who "understands" him and shows an 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan for his space fascination and promises to meet him later. Before he leaves, Hunter kidnaps Dorothy. Dylan is pushed to his limits on babysitting, especially when Dolly shows no restraint on how to take care of their younger siblings. After a full day of babysitting, Dylan and Dolly realize that Dorothy is missing and use the World Wide Woof to find her.

With his plan set in motion, Hunter has Dorothy respond; 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan full well that Dylan will come directly to him and so that he can capture the puppies. When they dig up a trio of buried skulls that could belong to Cerberus, Dante and Portia demand that they rebury them, but he refuses.

Together, Dante and Portia proceed to frighten Dylan, Dolly and Dawkins via an elaborate practical joke with the intent to get Dylan to repent his actions. Dylan eventually loses his sanity to the point where Dante begins to feel guilty. After failing to tell him the truth, Dante breaks out into a song to snap Dylan back to his senses, angering Portia, who considered the practical joke a dramatic performance.

Later, Dorothy is seen chewing on Clarissa's prized diamond necklace and believe that she somehow stole it. They decide to pull a "reverse heist" to put the necklace back into her home. Kitty Jane Anal, Dolly, Diesel and the Dmitri Trio break in with the help of the Canal Crew, but upon returning it, realize that Clarissa already has the necklace. It is revealed that the necklace was not special and that everyone has it, making Clarissa angry at Hugo.

Stanislav was selling them and decided to give one to Dorothy out of sympathy. When Hansel comes over to hang out with Dylan, Dolly sets Dylan's Bravo Tube Free longer 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan usual so that she can hang out with him in his stead.

Unfortunately, Dylan plays too long and believes he is Poodlewolf and that Dolly is the Feline Princess. With Dawkins' help, they convince Constantin to pretend to be the evil Furball and have Dylan finish the game. Dolly overcomes the embarrassment and helps Dylan "defeat" Furball which impresses Hansel, but Dolly must clean Constantin's pool as payment. When the worker leaves for lunch, Dolly finds herself hanging high with a rainstorm coming in. Dylan does everything he can Tabs24x7 Onlyfans try to keep her balanced as the crane keeps shifting.

Eventually, Dylan decides to hop on top so that they can stay balanced. Learning humility, Dolly admits that she was the one who damaged the photo, as well as admitting to several other past incidents. Dylan forgives her just in time for the worker to come back and lower them on the roof of their house. Due to her disregard for the rules, she accidentally gets Poodlewolf "killed", traumatizing Dylan.

The whole family turns on her and Dawkins explains Poodlewolf's importance to Dylan, resulting in Dolly deciding to try and revive Poodlewolf with the Resurrection Bone. Dolly, Dawkins and Hansel go on a quest to retrieve it, but learn that the game piece ordered is at Constantin's house. Dolly breaks it and outwits Constantin and gets the game piece back in time to resurrect Poodlewolf, pleasing Dylan. In addition, Clarissa bans her from going to the "fetch-ball finals", so Dylan and the canal crew take her place and disguise Dolly so she isn't seen by Clarissa.

Dolly ends up hiding under a bench and is approached by the hidden Prince Corgi, and they bond 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan their love of skateboarding. As Clarissa and her friends leave, Dolly Svenska Kukar back home, leaving her skateboard behind.

Prince Corgi goes around Camden to find the owner and eventually tracks down Dolly, and the two go skateboarding together, whilst Clarissa is arrested for "pet cruelty" at Dylan's insistence. After his dream, Dylan is having a nightmare all 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan to Hugo ringing his phone earlier in the episode, concluding part 1, this continues in part As Dorothy nearly falls down to Dylan, Dylan luckily catches her, and with that Dolly is now fine after waking up from her nightmare and goes back to sleep.

Note : This episode is a collection of the Gigglebug Guarantee shorts formatted into a two-parter with bridging sequences. The Diana Diamond Porn "Merry Pups" is excluded. Meanwhile, Hunter is freed and decides to get revenge on the dalmatians. Hunter attacks the family and captures Dante, who welcomes "doomsday", however he freaks when it is revealed that Hunter can understand the dogs.

Dolly and Dylan rescue him and attack Hunter and Cuddles. During the battle, Dylan realizes that Hunter has a dog-like personality when it's activated.

They win and Dylan apologizes for doubting Dante, who warns them that Hunter will return. However, they are shocked to find that Cruella De Vil has moved in next door. Doug and Delilah tell Dylan and Dolly about their family history with Cruella and how she plans to kill them and turn them into fur coats. Cruella and Hunter proceed to perform many tactics to weaken the dalmatians' defenses and starve them out.

At Dylan's indirect suggestion, Diesel ends up digging a tunnel all the way to the park. However, the De Vils catch onto their scheme by accident and attack them from 101 Dalmatian Street Dylan fronts using Dizzy and Dee Dee's childlike innocence. The dalmatians escape to the park, only to be captured Sex Hbg Cruella's hired goons and entrapped in a shipping container to be flown away by helicopter.

Doug and Delilah try to fend off Cruella who instead captures the two of them, concluding part 1. As a part of the first season, there has been a total of ten shorts made. They were released worldwide, but only 6 were released in the UK, though the last four shorts have been seen on the two-part clipshow "Puppy Dreams".


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The dalmatians live by themselves at Dalmatian Street, located in Camden TownLondon in the 21st century, [1] [5] with no human supervision as their owner Dodie Smithan eccentric billionaire, left them her house and went to live on an island. The team developed the plot with Passion Animation Studioswhich produces the series. All of the episodes aDlmatian shorts together are animated with the Toon Boom Animation software. Dzlmatian

101 Dalmatian Street Dylan

Dylan Dalmatian is the male of Dalmatian Street. He is one of the eldest siblings Paternalism Delilah and Doug's puppies Both he and Dolly look after their younger siblings while their parents are busy at work. 1 Personality 2 Physical Appearance 3 Design 4 Relationships Dolly Delilah Doug Dawkins Dizzy and Dee Dee Triple D Deepak Dante D.J.

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Dylan is a of the Dalmatian Street Fanon and one of the 99 dogs that Delilah and Doug has (15 born, 84 adopted). He is a pedantic control freak who is generally the responsible one compared to Dolly. He has a major interest in space.