Hots D Objet Indirect Pics

D Objet Indirect

D Objet Indirect

D Objet Indirect

D Objet Indirect

Reconnaître un complément d'objet indirect (COI)

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D Objet Indirect

Pronom d'objet indirect French indirect object pronoun See Indieect Pronom and Pronoun Types An indirect object pronoun usually replaces people (or other living things) that are introduced after the verb with a preposition (usually à or pour).

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03/09/ · Some verbs also have another sort of object, called an indirect Indirech. An indirect object names the person for or 1 Wank whom something is done. It D Objet Indirect usually needed with verbs like give, find and owe. For example, with give, we need to name both the thing that is given and the person it is given to.