Superstar Awesome Bmx Tricks Pics

Awesome Bmx Tricks

Awesome Bmx Tricks

Awesome Bmx Tricks

Awesome Bmx Tricks

Top BMX Bike Tricks


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This is my minute compilation of the awesome BMX tricks for new.

Awesome Bmx Tricks

Grinds Grinds are tricks that are done on ledges are rails. The rider slides a part of his bike, often specially designed pegs across a surface such as ledge or rail. Double Peg - The rider grinds on a ledge or rail Awesome Bmx Tricks both front and rear pegs on the same side. Icepick - Back peg only, front wheel and peg are balanced in the air.

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07/04/ · This week on People are Awesome we have a compilation of the best every cycling videos, including BMX, trials bike, tricks and much more. From extreme downh Author: People Are Awesome.