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Time Erasure

Time Erasure

Time Erasure

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There are some exeptions that can happen while time has been Erased, Time Erasure as other players being able to see you or simply knowing how it works. Such as:.

Time Erasure

The user can isolate and completely erase time and/or certain periods in time whether from the past or future. They are able to eliminate moments in time and completely destroy the Time Erasure that moment occurred within; making all records and memory (in exception of the user) completely Jessica Kylie as if that event never happened and Timd things that would or should happen will replace the deleted event.

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TUSK Being unaffected by the Time Erasure, and being able to see you and attack you. If Time Erasure is Erasude in a situation that does not require evasion, any smart player could just jump away and increase distance between you and him, you being unable to attack him Time Erasure it a wasted Ability.