Naken Joker Vs Red Skull Pics

Joker Vs Red Skull

Joker Vs Red Skull

Joker Vs Red Skull

9. Amanda Waller vs. Thunderbolt Ross

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I can see Joker winning this because of his insanly sick mind and what it can acomplish in one year.

Joker Vs Red Skull

09/11/ · Immediately, Joker and Red Skull turn on each Jokerr, dosing each other with Joker Venom and the Dust of Death, Joker Vs Red Skull. However, their toxins are too much alike, and subsequently have no effect. Red Skull then takes the unconscious Joker and the bomb he delivered aboard his jet, French Stereotype Cap, Batman, and their sidekicks are in hot pursuit in the retrofilmfestival.euted Reading Time: 4 mins.

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A lot of villains/heroes are predictable when they battle, Joker is not. Red Skull is more tactical, smarter, etc; but so is Batman, and he has had his ass specially delivered to him by Joker.