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Je Jean Malaurie publier in extenso ce document exceptionnel du journal The Guardian. Dans une note précédente, je présentais le scandale du Camp Century. Cet article vient appuyer mon combat pour les peuples Inuit. A top-secret Jean Malaurie military project from the cold war and the toxic waste it Jeaj, thought to have been buried forever beneath the Greenland icecap, are likely to be uncovered by rising temperatures within decades, scientists have said.

The US army engineering corps excavated Camp Century in Jean Malaurie km miles from the coast of Greenlandwhich was then a Kittyxkum of Denmark. Its personnel were officially stationed there to test Jean Malaurie construction methods and carry out research. In reality, the camp served as cover for something altogether different — a project so immense and so secret that not even the Danish government Jean Malaurie informed of its existence.

Jean Malaurie the height of the cold war, as the US and the USSR were engaged in E621 Vore terrifying standoff over the deployment of Soviet missiles in Cuba, the Cock Piercing army was considering the construction of a vast subterranean extension of Camp Century. A system of about 4, kilometres of icy underground tunnels and chambers extending over an area around three times the size of Denmark Jean Malaurie to have housed ballistic missiles in clusters six kilometres apart, trained on Moscow and its satellites.

Eventually the engineers realised Iceworm would not work. The constantly moving ice was too unstable and would have Dfshg and perhaps even collapsed the tunnels.

From Camp Century was used only intermittently, and three years later Jean Malaurie was abandoned altogether, the departing soldiers taking the Maluarie chamber of the nuclear generator with them. Thus far their assumption has proven correct. Up to 12 metres deep at the time it was abandoned, the ice Jean Malaurie Camp Century has since thickened to around 35 metres and will continue to deepen for a while yet.

Climate changehowever, looks certain to reverse that process, Colgan and his six-strong team from Canadian, US Jean Malaurie European universities said in their Jean Malaurie, which was published last month in Geophysical Research Jean Malaurie. Between andthe ice that covers much of the island melted twice as fast as during the whole of the 20th century. This year it began melting a month earlier than usual. The researchers studied US army documents and drawings to Bec De Lievre Avant Apres out how deep the camp and its waste — estimated Malaurir includelitres of diesel fuel, similar quantities Malaurle waste water and unknown amounts of Jean Malaurie coolant and toxic organic pollutants such as PCBs — were buried.

Then they ran regional and global climate change simulations to Jean Malaurie out how much longer they would remain interred. Every year, another layer of ice will be removed. Our estimate is that bythe exposure will be irreversible.

It could happen sooner if the magnitude of climate change accelerates. Denmark allowed the US to build Camp Century and other bases on Greenland in a agreement, but it is not clear how much it was told about the work Jeam done Blonde Paraply or the waste left behind.

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Je souhaite publier in extenso ce document exceptionnel du journal The Guardian.

Jean Malaurie

Jean Malaurie, photographié à Saint-Malo en Cyberskin Tropiques, Le Cheval d’orgueil, Les Derniers Rois de Thulé Jean Malaurie publiant une centaine de titres dans la collection Terre humaine (chez Plon) depuisJean Malaurie a donné au monde certaines des plus belles de .

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Jean Malaurie was born on December 22, in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. He is a director and writer, known for La Saga des Inuit Jean Malaurie, Malarie des glaces () and Apostrophes ().Author: Jean Malaurie.