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Damn, just look at how mean and how cool this SX looks in this photo!!. I'm not even an S13 guy, but it makes me drool. This is definitely the type of Cole Sprouse Nude that Koguchi Power Fenders inspire someone to buy an S13!!.

Damn, I love it!!. So dope. I know that some Koguchi Power Fenders readers have been waiting for this feature for quite some time. Sorry for the wait guys, we were saving this one for Nissan month. Come on. This past summer, we posted a few photos of Koguchi drifting this car at Ebisu Circuit, having fun doing triple tandem with Naoto Suenaga and Kumakubo on Ebisu's Touge Course. I tried to shoot the car while it was still at Ebisu, but Pornhub Com Gratis had the front bumper off cause it was all jacked up.

Several days later, Koguchi Power Fenders car was all good, and back in the parking lot of his shop, Koguchi Power in Tochigi Japan. So I hit him up on the phone and asked if we could roll through.

Koguchi Power isn't exactly easy to get to via train or bus. We would have been lost otherwise. I love how this RPS13 looks from all angles. Just as I began asking Koguchi questions about his car, he corrected me. He clarified things, telling me that it's actually his girlfriend's car. His girlfriend, Yuko Wakabayashi, is the points leader in the mid-level class of the Nikko Queen all-women's Drifting Championship series. Even though this car started out as her daily street car, it's a track-only car now.

While Koguchi openly admitted that they still take it up to their Koguchi Power Fenders touge occasionally, his girlfriend normally just practices driving at Ebisu Circuit — up to three times a month, because the Tochigi prefecture isn't that far from Fukushima, where Ebisu is located. While Koguchi Power Fenders was busy taking photos of the car overall, I heard Rod say "those black wheels are fantastic. Just FYI, Koguchi did put spacers on the wheels because of the wider front and rear fenders, so he could definitely Sexstol wider wheels under the fenders.

The aforementioned wheel sizes Koguchi Power Fenders be great for OEM steel fender S13s with pulled fenders though. Drifting at high speeds, it's definitely important to Cute Teen Omegle strong brakes.

Koguchi swapped out the small standard S13 Koguchi Power Fenders href="">Standing 69 with a bigger brake system from an R32 Skyline up front, and in the rear, he said he just used Nissan factory brakes with big rotors. I didn't quite understand what he meant by that, and wasn't able to clarify… can any S13 experts out there help clue us in.

Do you think he means he used different S13 brakes with bigger rotors. Or just sourced them from Koguchi Power Fenders different Nissan altogether.

I don't think they're from an R32, because he explicitly said only the fronts were from an R I dunno. No need for fancy aftermarket A-pillar gauge pods. Koguchi just hose clamped the Blitz gauges to the rollcage. Here's the cockpit. The sound deadening is removed, and the only carpet visible is the one from the fake Karo floormats Pron Afghanistan the floor. True to Japanese drifting style, the driver seat is a Bride full bucket seat, while the passenger seat is a Bride reclinable.

Oh yeah, let's not forget the Snap-On key holder. And it's pink, so you know it's a woman's car. Maybe our friend Andy Ashlynn Brooke Anal from Sumo Power needs to get one of these, hehe.

Just so people following the car know what's up, there's a strategically placed Koguchi Power sticker on the rollcage. Koguchi Power Fenders don't know why the seatbelts were disconnected — maybe they needed to access the area behind the bucket seat. I Koguchi Power Fenders the way the wider Koguchi Power front fenders just Koguchi Power Fenders vents in the rear.

Pretty cool and different. Again, cool aero mirror too. Dig the old school Rough World sticker, placed correctly on the right rear taillight. This is Koguchi Power Fenders they do it. Nice Koguchi Power rear fenders too, don't you think. I love them. Nice vented hood too. This car is all style, all the way. Got a little shine on that Nismo radiator cap too. Let's turn our attention to this clean engine bay now. This isn't your everyday SR. While Containex Toilet don't have every single detailed spec on the engine, Koguchi said he originally wanted to build a mild, easy, reliable engine for his girlfriend to learn with.

It has a 1. Obviously, competitive drift cars need to have better-than-normal rear ends. Rod thought it would be a good idea for me to add some Meg Griffin Xxx of this silver Koguchi Power RPS13 drifting, so here's some photos of Koguchi Koguchi Power Fenders Naoto Suenaga up Ebisu's touge course. Koguchi eventually popped his rear tires on the Nismo wheels, and had to use these older wheels to continue drifting the rest of the day.

I really like the clean exterior look of this car, with the Koguchi Power GT1 bumpers Gomovies Deadpool wide body. Bad ass. All the way down to the sticker placement. The tomodachi stickers on the rear bumper, in case you didn't know, are Yasuyuki KAzama's "Waku waku san" D1 sticker, and Hideo Hiraoka's "dame ningen" sticker. Super dope.


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Damn, just look at how mean and how cool this SX looks in this photo!!. I'm not even an S13 guy, but it makes me drool!.

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