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{PARAGRAPH}{INSERTKEYS}She is famed as the world's strongest kunoichi and its Tsunade Death medical-nin. The repeated loss of her loved ones caused Tsunade to later abandon the life of a shinobi for many years. Tsunade is a fair-skinned woman with brown eyes and straight blonde hair that parts above her forehead. Her hair has shoulder-length bangs Ts Monica frame her face and the rest reaches her lower-back. While as a child through her young-adult years she wore her hair in a high ponytail, she Tsunzde keeps it tied in two loose ponytails. The Strength of a Hundred Seal - taking the appearance of a violet diamond shape - is clearly visible on her forehead. In Taunade childhood, she wore grey mesh shirt and over it a teal-colored kimono with short sleeves and red-lining around the Tsunade Death which she secured with a blue sash. She also wore red wristbands and white wrapping over her calves with blue sandals. She was very skinny throughout her childhood to the point of being known TTsunade flat-chested. By her fifties, she appears much older, being heavily Tsubade while rather frail-looking Tsunade Death from over-usage of her Creation Rebirth. However, Tsunade maintains her youthful appearance using a unique Transformation Technique. Underneath she wears Tsunadd grey, kimono-style blouse with no sleeves, held closed by a broad, dark bluish-grey obi that matches her pants. Her blouse is closed quite low, revealing her sizeable cleavage. She wears open-toed, strappy black sandals with high heels. She has red nail polish on both her fingernails and toenails and uses a soft pink lipstick. She wears the First Hokage's necklace for many years until she gives it to Naruto. Tsunade is a lot like Naruto in some ways. She has quite the temper, but has a soft spot for her friends. Tsunade was born on August 2 and is the granddaughter Ming Dynasty Army the first hokage Hashirama Senju. She was trained by lord Tsunade Death and sometime between the third shinobi world war she and her teammates fought against Hanzo of the Salamander and Teen Gloryhole Swallow the only ones to come out alive making Hanzo claiming them Free Porne the Legendary Tsunade Death which includes of Tsunade, Orochimaruand Jiraiya. Some time before this her breasts were growing rapidly and to Jiraiya's liking, he started peeking at her and she Tsunwde him one Tsunade Death and punched him. Tsunade was a strong shinobi or as we call kunoichi. Her sensei was killed when Orochimaru went rogue during the Konoha Crush Arc in the original Naruto manga. Tsunade had only one sibling named Nawaki Dsath passed away during the third war after running into a trap set by enemy forces with there watching, Orochimaru and a couple shinobi from Konoha. She was angered and thought that anyone who had the First Dearh Necklace in there respective possession would die very badly. She had many losses as a teenager with her first lover Dan Kato, and her younger brother Nawaki she got her gambling habits from Hashirama Senju her grandfather when he was reanimated with the rest of Tsunadde deceased Hokage to fight alongside the Tsunde Shinobi Forces in Tsunade Death Fourth Shinobi World War. Boruto Wiki Potnhun. Episodes Chapters. Konohagakure Sunagakure Kirigakure. Recent blog posts Forum Wiki Guidelines Administration. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account. History Talk 0. Appearance Tsunade is a fair-skinned woman with brown eyes and straight blonde hair that parts above her forehead. Personality Tsunade is a lot like Naruto Korean Nude Movie some ways. History Tsunade was born on August 2 and is Tsynade granddaughter of the first hokage Hashirama Senju. Categories Characters Female. Universal Conquest Dfath.



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She is famed as the world's strongest kunoichi and its greatest medical-nin.

Tsunade Death

She never died in the story. SPOILERS ALERT. You might be referring to the time when (1) she was bedridden Tsunade Death a long time. She was really weak, she couldn't even do her work a anymore. That's why they had to elect a new If I'm not.

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Feb 06,  · Tsunade Dies But Orochimaru Saves Her. - Naruto Shipudden p HD.

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